CasinoSpy: Best Odds of Winning at the Casino

You need a plan to get ahead in casino games – that plan involves knowing the best casino odds. And if these plans involve tips coming from the mind of experts, you are bound to hold the upper hand and increase your odds of winning at the casino. is a website designed with one goal in mind – share our expert advice with the world and hope that in return the gaming world will play at our sponsors! Check back each week to find the best articles, best casino odds and more!

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Online Casino Winning Strategies

Poker: Constant Practice Forms the Base of Every Winning Strategy

Skill is what identifies a good poker player. Once you become skillful, you would find any playing environment to be favorable for you and you can throw the odds of winning out the door! However, good players are very few in number. To be one of them, you need to practice the game as much as possible prior to hitting the table. With time, you will become as good as the seasoned pros. Even the best will find you to be a tough nut to crack. A good way to get started is to play at anonymous online poker tables so that you can learn the skills without being intimidated. You can not only play anonymous poker at Bovada Poker but also be able to play online poker on Mac if you happen to own an Apple computer.

Blackjack: Role of Card Counting in Your Success

Having an idea on how to count cards can serve a blackjack player with a considerable advantage and increase your odds of winning at the casino. People, who are good at it, know when to make the jump from the small stakes to big bets. By having a count of card in their mind, they have an idea of when to expect tens and aces. This gives them an edge and the confidence to raise their stake. More often than not, player keeps receiving positive outcome from such a move.

Blackjack: Have a Solid Strategy, Not a Hunch for the Best Casino Odds

Even if you are not good at counting cards (impossible anyways in online environment), playing Blackjack online can still bring you a lot of profit, provided you never play on the hunches. By following expert strategies, which you can easily access through this website, you can reduce the house edge to something lower than a percent and increase your odds of winning.

Craps: Pass & Don’t Pass Wager, Best Casino Odds

Craps are full with wagers, who have no idea on how to bet properly. This is why you would mostly find the house to have a massive advantage. However, if you know how to stick to the old Pass & Don’t Pass Wager, the house edge will never go beyond 1.5 percent. The percentage gets even better, if the odds are combined with these bets.

Video Poker: Picking the Right Poker Machine can Give You the Edge

There are people, who find slots and video poker to be quite similar. However, there are significant differences between the two. At one end, we have slots, where winning is based on how your lady luck receives you. On the other hand, there is video poker, where your decision can make an impact on your results. Start of by choosing a high payout machine jacks or better video poker. Some of them offer a payout of more than 100%. This means that players can have positive expectations from the money wagered. By combining bonus, payouts and video poker, you can reduce the house edge considerably and find the best casino odds.

Baccarat: Avoid the Tie

Baccarat is one of the most player-friendly games around, as the house edge is mostly low at just above 1%. However, you must avoid betting your money on egalite (tie), which raises the house edge to way beyond 10 percent. In most of the cases, it is as good as donating money to the casino.

These were amongst the best bets and strategies for becoming successful at casino games. Sticking to these strategies will allow your bankroll to last longer. Who knows, you may end up leaving casino with constant profit on a regular basis. will help you find more strategies to help you receive the best casino odds.

There are also other means of excitement you should try out such as horse betting. Bodog offers the best horse wager events that are updated daily!

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